Sustainably Delicious

Living in southern Ontario has always been a blessing for someone like me, who loves all sorts of natural surroundings even more than I love the wonderful selection of foods available to us with so many farms close to the cities. And there are many people in Toronto and the surroundings areas who share my love of nature and food, and seek to combine the two into a gastro-culture that not only respects the land but celebrates its bounties. I took the opportunity to write about these other environmentally-friendly gastro-enthusiasts in my article for the Winter 2015 issue of Jewish Review

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Ontario Greenbelt Photo Contest Winner

barn owl

In my previous post, I mentioned my visit to the Mountsberg Raptor Centre and included a gallery of photos I took, which included some really nice photos of one particular barn owl named Jazz.

Well a few weeks ago, I noticed that the Ontario Greenbelt Foundation was hosting a photo contest to celebrate their 10th anniversary so I decided to enter one of the barn owl photos, as the Mountsberg Raptor Centre is definitely part of the Greenbelt area and I am very fond of those photos. About a week or so after I’d entered, I was informed that I had been chosen as a finalist out of 800 entries and then it turns out I was one of the winners chosen to be part of a photo exhibiton at the McMichael Art Gallery, which is a huge honour!

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Exploring the Great White North: Yukon and Alaska Trip

This summer I made good on a promise to a fellow artist friend of mine to go up north and visit her in Whitehorse, which is the capital of the Yukon. Not only does Whitehorse have a thriving and vibrant local artist community, but the beauty of the landscapes there just unbelievable; not only are you constantly surrounded by mountains and scenery that make you feel like you stepped into a postcard, but there is such a wealth of wildlife waiting to be discovered.

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