Tips for Photographing Renovated Interiors

Over the last ten years, I have made websites for many business of different sizes and services, including “one man operations” and I offer photograph retouching as one of my included digital services. While it’s possible to work all kinds of magic when it comes to improving the lighting and overall quality of any photograph with regards to editting out unwanted elements, there are limits to what any digital darkroom can do. The general rule of thumb is that the better the quality of the original photos, the easier it will be to give them that little extra sparkle that elevates them to professional-looking images, ready for print or web use.

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All the Best for 2016

Every year I design a card to send out to loved ones and normally I do a handdrawn illustration but this year I decided to go for a different look. This sparkly design features vector feathers arranged into snowflakes, which I felt fit nicely into my bird-friendly persona. I used Photoshop to create separate layers for each snowflake, using the blending option Bevel to give the appearance oif each snowflake being cut out of glitter paper. The glitter stock image was actually silver and I applied various layers to give it a nice touch of colour.

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