I have been very fond of bees, especially bumblebees, ever since I was a child and I used to pick clover blossoms and follow around bumblebees in grassy fields, moving slowly in their path so I could offer them my clover flower to sip from. Even being stung a few times (one time in my shoe by bizarre mischance) hasn’t dimmed the warm glow that comes from watching a bee bumble from flower to flower, and as I grew older, I learned to appreciate bees as well, for the important role they play in pollination.

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Sustainably Delicious

Living in southern Ontario has always been a blessing for someone like me, who loves all sorts of natural surroundings even more than I love the wonderful selection of foods available to us with so many farms close to the cities. And there are many people in Toronto and the surroundings areas who share my love of nature and food, and seek to combine the two into a gastro-culture that not only respects the land but celebrates its bounties. I took the opportunity to write about these other environmentally-friendly gastro-enthusiasts in my article for the Winter 2015 issue of Jewish Review

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