Leonard Cohen: Another Black Star Falls

I’ve been writing articles for the lifestyle magazine my work puts out for a while now, and most of these articles have been softball topics, mostly food guides along with the occasional special interest article about travel or gadgets. But this winter I was asked to take on two much more weighty subjects: Leonard Cohen’s recent passing and the fact that it came just after he had released a new album.

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Moraine Lake Painting

A few years ago, when many of my friends started to get married, I decided that instead of just getting them something off their registry, I would also offer to do a painting for the newly-weds. So I gave out customized certificates that I designed in Illustrator, which entitled the recipients to one painting, any size and any subject – as long as it was something I felt I could do good enough to be worthy of hanging on the wall.

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La Crème de la Crème Glacée

The minute I started writing food-related articles, it was only a matter of time before I wrote about ice cream. I have a reputation for my fondness of ice cream, to the point that I was on almost a first-name basis with the lovely lady who drove the soft serve truck in my neighborhood. I even drew a comic once about my sixth sense for hearing the ice cream truck jingle from a mile away. I also love eating gelato, particularly when it’s a nice tart raspberry gelato, but I like all sorts of flavours of frosty delight and thus my article for the Summer 2016 issue of Jewish Review was an opportunity to share my favourite “cold spots” on a hot summer’s day.

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Greenbelt Photo Exhibition at the Malton Airport Gallery

Last weekend I took a trip over to Pearson Airport to check out one of their galleries because the Greenbelt Photo Exhibition, which includes my barn owl photo, is on display there until the end of this month as part of the Changing Exhibits series in the Malton Airport Gallery, located in Terminal 1. Pearson Airport actually has more than one space dedicated to different exhibitions of local art, as well as a permanent collection of large-scale sculptures and other installations. That permanent collection is a mixture of international artists and Canadian artists including some exceptional examples of First Nations art and artists.

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I have been very fond of bees, especially bumblebees, ever since I was a child and I used to pick clover blossoms and follow around bumblebees in grassy fields, moving slowly in their path so I could offer them my clover flower to sip from. Even being stung a few times (one time in my shoe by bizarre mischance) hasn’t dimmed the warm glow that comes from watching a bee bumble from flower to flower, and as I grew older, I learned to appreciate bees as well, for the important role they play in pollination.

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