How to Try New Media – Silicone Casting pt 3

Now that I knew how much silicone to use, it was time to set up a work station to do the mixing and pouring of the silicone into the mold container. I used my garage because it was an area that would be left undisturbed for as long as it took the silicone to cure (to harden into a solid) and was somewhere that would allow any fumes to safely escape.

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How to Try New Media – Silicone Casting pt 2

Based on my discussions with the salesperson at Sculpture Supply Canada, I purchased a few supplies and tools:

  • Silicone + catalyst (needed to turn the silicone from a viscous liquid into a solid)
  • Mold release (necessary to spray inside the mold so that my cuffs/bracelets would pop out later)
  • Pigments to colour the silicone (both regular colours and UV-reactant colours)
  • A DVD that went over the most common types of casting, including silicone casting

There were other tools that I needed for this project, but a number of them were more common household items that could be purchased at a local dollar store or hardware store for a much lower price than most art stores.  And these tools and materials would come later, as there was a few steps that came up before I got to the casting stage.

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How to Try New Media – Silicone Casting pt 1

When I’m doing a convention, it’s like a mini art show with a carefully picked selection of my art on the table, and one of the more common comments I get is “Wow, you did all this art?” because what ends up on the table is usually art that covers a variety of media (jewelry, prints, wearables, sculpture, etc) rather than just one or two types of art with different subjects. The main reason for this is that I consider myself to be an artistic experimenter and jack of all trades.

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Good Thoughts Jar – Butterfly Thoughts

Sunhawk Featured - Good Thoughts Jar- Butterfly Thoughts

Just after New Year’s, I encountered a cute idea being passed around on Facebook: Get a mason jar and every time something good happens to you, write it on a scrap of paper and put it in the jar. The idea was that by the end of the year, you would have a jar filled with little bits of paper and you could then take them out all at once and remind yourself just how many good things happened to you in just one year. 

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