Screech Owl in the Ash Tree

One of my favourite ways to do an illustration is to mix inked lines of varying weights with watercolour washes, I like the contrast between the stark lines and more delicate colours.

I did a birthday present for a friend of mine a few weeks back; a screech owl among the ash tree foliage, as she loves owls and was born under the Ash Tree Moon, from the Celtic calender of trees.  

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All the Shades of Digital Design

The funny thing about being a graphic and web designer is that I never really planned to become an artist who used computers to make art, it was something that sort of fell into my lap, largely due to the highschool co-op placement I had at the Canadian Film Centre’s “New Media” program. I remember distinctly having my co-op teacher sit me down and tell me that she was having trouble finding an art-related placement for me, and that it was basically between a shop that did floral arrangements and this film school multimedia place.

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Dragonhorn Barrettes

Sunhawk - dragonhorn barrettes

There is a very interesting craft product around called Friendly Plastic.  It comes in two basic types: translucent white pellets meant to be melted down into various shapes and colourful metallic strips about the size of a child’s short ruler.   As a child, I’d used the latter while in Girl Guides, mostly to cut out simple shapes to be layered on top of each other and fused together by placing them in the oven to melt at the specified temperature.

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A Short Intro to Convention Preparation

For nearly a decade, I’ve been participating in a number of conventions around the GTA as an artist in what’s usually referred to as the Artist Alley. Selling art within an Artist Alley is a unique experience, where you are basically given a flat table and then you are left to your own devices to try to do something with it, and over the years I’ve had a chance to try a number of different methods related to both displaying and selling my own art.

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