Custom Artwork – Commission Info

It’s always such a pleasure to have people contact me and share their ideas for a custom artwork that they would like me to create – nothing is too absurd nor too boring! I love hearing your ideas and you are most welcome to get in touch with me so I can help bring your ideas to glorious, colorful life!

Good things to know:

  • I always provide a quote at the start of the commission, once you have explained to me what you are looking for.  If you give me a postal code and country for shipping, I can also give you a shipping quote as well.
  • Once we agree to go ahead with the commission, I require half of the final cost of the artwork as a deposit, and I begin work on your commission once you have paid that deposit. The deposit is non-refundable in the event of a commission cancellation.
  • My preferred payment method is Paypal, but I do also take certified cheques, personal cheques and money orders if necessary.
  • I always welcome inquiries about the progress of your commission and I can provide progress shots upon request.
  • Average turn-around for most artworks is 2-3 weeks, depending on size and complexity.  A time estimate will be given along with your price quote.
  • Once the artwork has been completed, I will take a photograph or scan of the finished piece, which I will email to you.  At this point, I will require the remaining amount due for the artwork, which includes the quote I gave you for shipping.
  • My general policy for shipping is to pick the shipping option that finds balance between economic and reasonable mailing time.  Faster shipping can be purchased at your request, just let me know when you are describing your commission idea.
Please Note: Shipping times cannot be guaranteed - if you need an artwork before a certain date, please contact me far in advance to give yourself a buffer of extra time to allow for the unreliability of postal service.

Custom Artwork Price Guide

The list below is meant to provide price examples for specific items, the final price may be adjusted based on extras or special features, which will be explained when you get your custom art commission quote.

Handmade Original Artwork including plushies, jewerly, drawings, illustrations, etc

Custom Jewelry –  starting at $22

Ice Cream Squid Plushy – Your Choice of Flavour – $45
(includes matching container which can also be used as a stand)

Dragon Plushies

  • Small (12 inches aprox) – $55
  • Medium (16 inches aprox) – $85
  • Large (20 inches aprox) – $115
  • Xtra Large or bigger – starting at $125

Watercolour and ink illustration originals – Stonehenge paper 5 x 7 inches – $75
Illustration reproductions on acid-free paper of any 5 x 7 inch illustration – $12
Pencil sketches – acid free paper 8 x 10 inches – $25 per page
Acrylic paintings – on canvas – starting at $55
Acrylic “stained glass” paintings – on break-resistant acrylic sheet – starting at $65

Digital items such as product photography, web banners, posters, brochures, etc

Product photography – $25 per item

Promotional items (you provide text and images)

Web banner and other web graphics – $75
One page printed items (poster, flyer, etc) – starting at $125
Multipage printed items (brochure, booklet, etc) – starting at $225

Original Digital Artwork

Simple vector logo one colour – $325
Complex vector logo up to five colours – $455 

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